"Magic Kit for Children"

"WARNING: Don't Buy A Magic Kit For A Child Until You Read The Following Special Report."

      If you have done any shopping for magic kits for children, you’ll know that there are hundreds of options to choose from. How do you know what tricks are fun and cool? What if you pick one that isn’t geared toward the child’s age? Is there any way to tell if you are getting ripped off?

      Here is a helpful guide to help you pick out the best magic kit for a child:

SPECIAL REPORT: "Choosing a magic kit for children age 5-8.”

By: Tim "The Magician" David

1. Does this child WANT a magic kit?
     Seems like a dumb question with all the Harry Potter and television magic specials going around. The best way to find out would be to ask. Most children go through a “magic phase” at some point in their lives, especially boys. The interest usually starts anywhere between the ages of 5 and 12.

2. Beware of magic kits that contain a TON of tricks.
     The most important thing to consider when purchasing a magic set is how much the child is going to enjoy it. The more tricks there are in the box, the less value each trick has. If the box contains 75 tricks, but NONE of them are any good...is that worth it to you?

     Also, by cramming a ton of tricks in the box, they leave no room for the most important thing… the instructions. Learning the tricks is very important to a child. If the instructions were just tossed together last minute, then that won’t be any fun; it will be frustrating both for you and your child.

3. Look for an age recommendation.
     If the kit says for children age 7 and up, then you know it’s not for your 5-year old. If the kit doesn’t say, then you’ll be taking a shot in the dark. Make sure the age recommendation is mentioned somewhere on the kit and make sure it is appropriate. Beware of those that say “For All Ages”. Frankly, it is near impossible to find a kit that a 6 year-old will enjoy just as much as a 12 year-old will enjoy. It will either be too “kid-ish” or too “mature” for your child.

4. Should you order your magic set from a toy company or from a magic shop?
     Truthfully, toy companies have no idea how to create a magic set that children can truly learn from and enjoy. The main concern of the toy companies is to make the box look very good on the outside, maximize the profit, and sell as many as possible.

     I’ve spent a lot of time in magic shops and I have seen some eye-opening things. Magic shop owners will sometimes take a bunch of tricks that don’t sell very well, toss them in a box, slap a label on it and try to sell it to you. In truth, they would much rather sell you one trick at a time at 7, 10, or 100 dollars a pop then sell you a good bargain. I personally know a magic shop owner who created his own magic set that cost him $3 to make. He sold that very same kit for $60!

     The best source would be a magician who gives magic lessons or teaches a magic class for children. Teaching magic face-to-face is the fastest way to discover whether or not kids ages 5-8 can do a certain magic trick. Any magician who has done this for any length of time will know exactly which tricks belong in a magic set for kids.

5. Demand a 100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee.
     Most magic shop owners will tell you that as soon as the secrets to the tricks have been learned, then the full value has been received so return policies are almost UNHEARD OF. Let me tell you something, children that age are more interested in having fun and doing magic rather than learning the deep intricacies of sleight of hand. If you want to order my magic set and return it just so you can figure out the tricks, then go right ahead. If you want to do that, then you’ve missed the point anyway.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There a Magic Set that Meets All Those Criteria?

      It was very difficult to find...so we made our own. After teaching hundreds of children how to do magic, we've found which tricks are appropriate for which age levels. The "Magic Kit for Children" is the result of several years of research, fine-tuning, and even trial and error.

Magic Kit For Kids

THE Magic Kit for Children ages 5-8

      As soon as your child opens "The Magic Kit for Children", he or she will be able to easily do some of the tricks inside. The magic was designed to be as easy as possible for children even as young as 5.

      Not available in stores.

What's Included in the Magic Kit for Children?

  • Six Secret Magic Props

  • A Very Detailed Instruction Booklet that Spells Out 14 More Tricks

  • Free Fortune Telling Fish Bonus Trick

  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee


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